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Welcome to Wind River Middle School

by Sarah Marino, Principal

Wind River Middle School draws its students from the communities of Stevenson, Carson, Home Valley, Hemlock, Stabler and a variety of outlying areas.  Students enter WRMS as seventh graders and transition to the high school as ninth graders.

Wind River Middle School provides the full range of supplementary programs for students. These include special education, a learning assistance program, and an extracurricular activities program. It is my belief that our staff members are the key to student success at Wind River. They are dedicated and caring educators who are willing to give of their time and energy above and beyond the call of duty.

Middle school children have special needs. Among these are social, emotional, physical and academic concerns. Because these needs can not always be met within the classroom we believe that our students require a support system. We want children to be confident and to succeed.

The aim of our advisory program, entitled Home Base, is to insure that our middle school students have the support and the opportunity to succeed.Home Base allows students to get to know at least one adult staff member well. It is this staff member's job to "watch over" his or her charges for the duration of their stay at Wind River. The purposes of Home Base are many and varied, but the basic purpose is to give students someone upon whom they can call in times of need.

Sarah Marino, WRMS Principal
Phone: (509) 427-5631