Stand Up for Teens

Three SHS students who participated in a Statewide Prevention Services Competition for youth.


In February, One Prevention Alliance Community Coalition sponsored the Stand Up 4 Teens-Standing Up For What’s Right-Healthy Youth Summit. This event was a big success, due mainly to the work of the SU4T Youth Planning Team of: Justin Brown, Kortney Davis, Jace Hogg, Natalie Johnson, Ally Macnab, Leah Mobley, Savanna O’Mahoney, Christel Pat, Chevy Peschl, Jordan Rodriguez and Braeden Waymire, all SHS students.

On May 13 & 14, three SU4T Youth Team Members, Kortney Davis, Christel Pat & Chevy Peschl, participated at the Washington State Spring Youth Forum at Grand Mound, WA representing the entire SU4T Youth Team. This was in recognition of SU4T’s efforts over the last year. SU4T was one of just 41 teams awarded the opportunity to participate in the Washington State Spring Youth Forum.

These 3 students did a wonderful job in their presentation and reached the finals along with 6 other teams. The competition was very close, and in the end, our team finished in the top 7 of 41 teams. Approximately 250 students from across Washington State participated in this event. The SU4T Team was one of the smallest teams, but this made no difference, they were recognized and awarded for their great work.

One Prevention Alliance and The Skamania County Sheriff’s Office are very proud of the SU4T Youth Team, and especially proud of Kortney Davis, Christel Pat and Chevy Peschl.


2015 Youth & Government

15 Stevenson High School students traveled north to the Capitol to participate in the 68th YMCA Washington State Legislature.

Many of our SHS students represented our delegation with positions at the state level: Marina Levy Speaker of the House; Ari Morris firm leader in the lobbyist corps; Leah Mobley assistant Attorney General and Kendall Vanlaar Senate Sergeant of Arms.


Trig Star

Congratulations to Chevy Peschel for winning the 2015 SHS Trig Star contest! Sebastian Miller took second place by tying Peschel’s point total, but with a time only 14 seconds slower. Winning the high school contest qualifies Chevy to compete in the state contest on May 30.

Trig Star is an annual competition sponsored by the National Society of Professional Surveyors and local sponsors who work directly with high school math teachers. The purpose of Trig Star is to promote excellence in the mastery of mathematics at the high school level through the problem-based contest that makes students aware of the use and practical application of mathematics in the surveying professions.

The SHS Trig Star contest is sponsored by Skamania County employee, Arnold Bell and SHS math teacher, Bob Rogers.

Spring Testing Underway

SHS and WRMS Families,

We made it through our first few days of the new Smarter Balance Assessment with Sophomores and Juniors this week. At the end of each assessment administration the testing team evaluates how the session went and makes improvements to create an even better testing experience for the student. We were pleased with the many students who worked hard and did their very best on the test. The results from these assessments provide students, families, and the school with valuable information, including:

  • The state assessments assess critical state standards, including higher-level thinking, communication, reasoning, problem solving, and application of knowledge and skills in new situations. Teachers and staff can gain information about students’ progress toward meeting grade-level expectations (what students should know and be able to do) in the core academic areas of reading, writing, math, and science, and can plan instruction accordingly.
  • By taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) in grades 3-8, students become familiar with the test and have several chances to get feedback on their performance, before taking the state assessment as a graduation requirement.
  • Each student’s state assessment performance provides a profile of the student’s strengths and weak areas in each subject area tested.
  • Parents and students can see student growth from year to year.
  • Through a request to the state, parents can view their child’s answers on their completed state assessment to gain a deeper understanding of how their child is progressing on state standards.
  • Because the state assessment measures students’ progress toward meeting standards, information regarding the performance of district groups of students can help district staff make decisions about the effectiveness of various instructional programs.
  • The State is working with colleges and universities to determine scores that would determine math and English class placements based on scores students receive during their Junior year.

Again, we appreciate the hard work by many students on this exam and the work their teachers did to prepare them with learning experience throughout the year. As many of you know the state is mandated by federal law to test students in grades 7, 8, 10, and 11 using the Smarter Balance Assessment. Stevenson-Carson School District needs to reach at least a 95% participation rate of eligible students attempting the test. When a school or district does not reach the 95% threshold there can be serious consequences, including not making AYP and potential funding decreases. In a small school only a few students not taking the test can cause us to drop below the 95% mark.

To view the spring testing calendar please click on the "Read more" link.

Student of the Month Award - School Involvement

Students were honored for their school involvement on Monday, April 27th.  We appreciate their contributions to the school and community!



Left:   Students from WRMS and SHS were recognized by staff for their involvement in the school and community.

Right:  SHS students who took on a leadership role in planning the Stand Up for Teens event were honored by the Skamania County Sheriffs' Office.

Spring Testing Information

SHS & WRMS Families,
Spring testing is right around the corner. Students in 7th, 8th, 10th, and 11th grade will be participating in portions of the new state required Smarter Balance assessment. Sophomores are the first class that will be required to pass the Smarter Balance English Language Arts assessment as part of their graduation requirement. Student classroom learning has been focused on the Common Core State Standards in order to prepare them for the new assessment. They have also been provided with opportunity to do a practice test so they can get used to this new type of assessment. Below you will find an outline of the testing dates. These may be modified as needed and we will update families and students through the Daily Bulletin. If you have questions or concerns about any of the assessments, please call our counselors or school principal.

Encore Theater Production Presents:



The Stevenson High School Encore Players will present their spring performance, Gossip.  For three nights, March 25-27th, at 7:00 in the Gym families can be entertained by this latest theatrical presentation.  For more information, please call Mrs. Clark Bennett at 509.427.5631.

2015 Youth & Government


SHS Youth & Government Mock Legislature District Meet


On Saturday, March 14th, Stevenson High School students part of the Youth and Government Delegation went to Hoquiam to participate in the annual district meet in preparation for the State Mock Legislature in May.  Our very own, Marina Levy will be Speaker of the House this year in Olympia.

The Cat in the Hat!


SHS & WRMS Read to Our Little Bullpups!


On Friday, March 6th, Students from Wind River Middle School and Stevenson High School were able to participate in the annual Spring Reader Buddy day at Stevenson Elementary School.  Elementary students picked out some of their favorite books.  Some they read to their Big, others were read to them.  The Cat in the Hat dropped in for a visit and ensured everyone had a purrrrfect time!

Stand Up For Teens


Community Partners Host Health & Wellness Day for Teens


On Friday, February 27th, Students from Wind River Middle School and Stevenson High School, along with other students from schools in our county, gathered at the Wind River Education Center for an engaging day of speakers and activities.  This day was made possible by a grant obtained by the One Prevention Alliance.  Community groups presented on different topic areas to promote health, wellness, and positive decision making by teens.

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