Lewis and Clark 2017 Launches!


The Lewis and Clark adventure has begun. The group launched from Beacon Rock this morning. Track the trip here. 

SHS Lewis and Clark Expedition

Clone of Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Picture your brain forming new connections as you meet the challenge and learn.  Keep on going.  Carol Dweck

All Students and Families.  

Welcome Spring!

Welcome to a New Semester!

A Message From Superintendent Karen Douglass



Winter weather is near.  In addition to the important information below, please talk to your students about safety walking to bus stops, especially in the dark.  If you have student drivers in your household, please remind them about safe winter driving practices - including leaving early and driving SLOWLY.  


We've Got Spirit!

Yes we do!  We've got Spirit, how 'bout You?

The halls are full of spirit at WRMS/SHS!  It is SHS Home Coming and WRMS Spirit week.  Check back regularly for picture updates!

Football Game vs King's Way


Making the Grade! Homework SLAM!


WRMS Disney Day!


SHS ROCK in the USA! Lip Syncs! Powder Puff!  Meatball Volleyball! Bon Fire!



WRMS Twin Day!


SHS America's Past Time!





SHS 'Merica Monday!



SHS Color Wars!


Home Coming Court!


Freshmen: Austin LaComble & Hannah Cole

Sophomores: Isaac Hoidel & Tristan Holmes

Juniors: Paul Striby & Sarah-Grace Buquoi


Princes: Andrew Brusse, Sergio Menezes, Cody Miler, & Hunter Weber

Princesses: Graciela Gonzales, Laura Hobbs, Tekoko Kurth, & Rachel Zolp


Home Coming & Spirit Week!

Constitution Day

State Board of Education Visits

On Tuesday, September 13 members of the Washington State School Board visited Wind River Middle School and Stevenson High School. During their time on campus Board members were given tours by students, sat in on the Lewis and Clark class, and participated in a Q&A session with co-principals Sarah Marino and Joe Randall.


The Washington State School Board were in Stevenson earlier this week for a retreat at Skamania Lodge and took the opportunity to visit the local middle and high school.

Upon arriving, board members were greeted by WRMS and SHS co-principals Marino and Randall. As they entered the school several board members remarked cheerfully that the school was “welcoming” and “open” before making their way to the library.

The library was occupied by the 70 student strong Lewis and Clark class, but they made room for their guests before continuing to watch the slideshow from the 2015 trip down the Columbia.

Board members then received a brief overview of the class and an invitation to join the expedition from teacher Bill LaCombe; before receiving and update from Marino and Randall about the progress being made by WRMS. The middle school was designated a priority school in 2014.

After the short presentation, students provided guided tours of the school and answered questions about what a day at WRMS/SHS is like.


Board members returned to the library where they engaged Marino and Randall in a Q&A session about the goals and vision the school had as well as some of the challenges facing the school and District. Marino and Randall both stressed their desire to see the culture of the school continue to improve and highlighted the new programs, professional development, and student engagement strategies that are in place and how they are seeing positive results already this year.

“It was an honor to have the Board come and visit us,” said co-principal Sarah Marino.

“The staff and students made our guests feel at home and I think they saw a little piece of what makes this school a great place to come learn or work,” added Randall.


New Co-principal Organization

Sarah and Joe welcome you to a new year!

We look forward to serving the staff, students and families of Stevenson- Carson School District!
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The mission of Stevenson High School is:

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  • To foster responsible contributing citizens.

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