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Security Camera Installation Completed

During Winter Break and the month of January, schools and buildings throughout Stevenson-Carson School District were outfitted with security cameras. The video surveillance system is part of an ongoing initiative to provide safe learning environments for students and staff.

The goal of the existing and new cameras is to provide additional safety and security for our students, staff, and buildings. The security cameras were installed at entryways, hallways, and exterior locations throughout the district. This is one of the latest steps taken by SCSD to bring the district inline with the 2013 safety audit conducted by Construction Services Group in a cooperative with Educational Service District 112 in Vancouver.

The cameras installed in the schools are video only and recordings are only accessible by building administrators and authorized staff. The new camera systems allow for real-time monitoring and are able to be accessed remotely.

Funding for the cameras was made possible through capital project funds established and earmarked in the past for facility, grounds, technology and security updates.

SHS Senior Natalie Johnson Wins School-wide Poetry Out Loud Competition

The Poetry Out Loud contest at Stevenson High School was “tougher than ever this year,” said Sophomore English teacher Becky Harmening.

The contest saw four freshman, eight sophomores, four juniors, and six seniors compete for the opportunity to represent SHS at Regionals. Participants were selected based on their classroom presentations; which was a culmination of the Poetry out Loud units done at all grade levels.

Student-led Business Education - Stevenson Pool Survey

Stevenson-Carson School District is exploring options for how we can open the swimming pool on a limited basis through a student-led business education program at the high school.

The purpose of the survey is to gather input from students, parents and the community on desired use, student participation in high school business courses, and to establish whether opening the pool is financially feasible. We appreciate your support and input as we strive to continue providing our students with unique and effective learning opportunities.

A note about the survey: If you are a parent, guardian, or community member please skip to the second page of the survey. The first page is for students. We want to make sure we are getting accurate information from students about their interest on course offerings and work opportunities. Thank you.

Link to survey:

SHS and WRMS Students Spread Holiday Cheer

Leading up to winter break Wind River Middle School and Stevenson High School collected 1,442 canned and non-perishable food items for the Holiday Basket program.

District Calendar Survey

The District is beginning to look at the District calendars for the next two years and would like your input. Please complete the short survey (see link below). We will be compiling responses and then forming a committee in January to create the calendars by February. Please contact Brian Howe at or (509) 427-5939 with any questions.

Future SCSD Calendar Survey

Common Core Parent Night

On Wednesday, November 19th parents and community members are invited to learn about the upcoming Common Core standards from expert Rob Siegel.

“My hope is that after attending, parents will have a better understanding of the new standards that will be going into effect and how they (parents) can partner with the schools to help their students be successful,” said Superintendent Dan Read.

SCSD Technology Updates

During summer vacation the maintenance and IT departments were hard at work preparing classrooms, libraries, and common areas for the new school year.

District IT Director Anthony Winstead, along with the help of a few students, installed PC’s and thin clients in new labs across the district. They also updated every computer to run the latest software and security to ensure students and staff are up-to-date.

EV-D68 Information

Dear Parents / Guardians:

As we are getting into the cold and flu season we want to keep you informed on various illnesses that are in the news and show up in our schools. One of those is the Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68).

We have received confirmation that a student at Carson Elementary has EV-D68. It has many of the same symptoms of a common cold with the coughing, sneezing, and fever. The virus affects everyone a little differently but children with asthma are particularly at risk for severe symptoms.

Please read the fact sheet from the CDC “What Parents Need to Know about Enterovirus D68” for more information. If you have further questions please contact your physician or the health department.

You can learn more here:


Highly Capable Nominations Now Open for Grades K-2 and 10-12

The district’s Highly Capable referral procedures are currently underway for students who are now in grades K-2 and 10-12. Nominations may be made by teachers, parents, students, or any other interested party. For consideration this year, referral packets are due by Wednesday, October 29th at 4:00 and are available at the district office, Stevenson Elementary and Stevenson High School.

In a nutshell, Hi Cap is Stevenson-Carson School District’s program for meeting the unique academic, social and emotional needs of highly capable students in grades K-12. In order to thrive, students who demonstrate characteristics of being highly capable often need a faster pace and greater depth and complexity of material than is offered through the standard curriculum, as well as interactions with their intellectual peers. Qualified students are placed in the program, with customized options designed for their unique needs. Please contact the Hi Cap Coordinator at Carson Elementary with any questions.

Chickenpox: Know the Facts

There has been a doctor confirmed case of chickenpox (varicella) in the area. Chickenpox is a highly contagious disease, which can be spread directly from person to person, or indirectly from contaminated articles. It can also be spread through coughing or sneezing.

If you have not had your child vaccinated, we strongly encourage you to have your child receive the appropriate vaccination.

Please watch your child for signs of this rash. Some children may have a fever and feel ill. Do not give aspirin for fever, as this has been associated with Reyes Syndrome. If your child is sick, do not send him/her to school.

Chickenpox rash starts with red bumps that change to blisters. The rash is itchy and the blisters break open and form scabs. The rash is usually most prominent on the chest or back, but may be spread over the entire body, including the mouth, throat, eyes and scalp. Persons with chickenpox can be contagious for up to five days before and five days after the rash appears.

Although chickenpox is usually a mild childhood illness, it can be serious for children who are immunosuppressed, for newborn infants, and for adults (pregnant women especially). Watch for signs of pneumonia and for signs of infection in the blisters. If your child has these complications or is very ill please contact your health care provider. If you have questions about the chickenpox vaccine, please consult with your provider or Skamania County Health Department.

Employment Opportunities


Bus Mechanic

Building, Grounds & Maintenance Supervisor

Middle/High School Counselor

Life Guard

Substitute Teachers

Substitute Bus Drivers

Substitute Para Educators

Substitute Office Staff

Substitute Bus Mechanic

Substitute Kitchen Staff


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