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Calendar Survey

Dear Community,

We are beginning to look at the school calendars for the next three years. Your input is important in making the decisions on the start date of each school year and vacations. As required by Washington law, we must have 180 school days. The survey is restricted to one survey by device. The survey will remain open until November 13. The results will be presented to the School Board at its December meeting. Depending on the results of the survey and board input, a recommendation may be made at that meeting or the board may request additional information to be gathered. A calendar adoption will then be made at the January or February meeting depending on whether or not the board requests additional information. Please spread the word of the survey. Everyone’s opinion is important. A link to the survey is provided here.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Mr. Brian Howe at

Thank you!

Hello Stevenson-Carson School District Families


Hello Stevenson-Carson School District Families,

I am so excited to start our school year. The summer is a time for me to work on policies and procedures, the district budget, to apply for state and federal grants and to read about the new guidelines governing our work in the district. The buildings are quiet during the summer … and at times, downright boring. I am looking forward to visiting schools today, when the classrooms, libraries, halls and cafeterias are again buzzing with activity.


We have a vision in our school district: 


We believe that students will thrive in an environment where staff, parents, and community

partner to nurture a passion for lifelong learning.

Through these relationships, students will grow academically

and experience success in school and beyond.

Students who come to school every day, behave, and participate, will graduate! Our staff considers family an equal partner in the process of educating our children. It is important that the families support students so that they can come on time, to school, each day. It is very important for students to be in class – as that is where the learning happens. Our district has many goals for our students, and the students who come every day are more likely to achieve those goals. Please consider making EXCELLENT ATTENDANCE a goal for your student this year.

Our staff is committed to developing respectful relationships with the students and families in our district. It is our desire to see each child reach full potential. We believe that a student doesn’t really care how much a teacher knows, until the child realizes that the teacher cares. It is our goal, across the district, to recognize students for their positive behaviors and attitudes and to help them reflect on behavior that might need a slight adjustment. Our staff cares about your children, and we are working on learning new skills and strategies to meet each child’s needs. We know we are accountable for teaching the content required by the state of Washington, but we also want to help children learn to be respectful and kind – to become a contributing citizen, someone who you’d desire to have for a neighbor. Our district is working on improving our academic outcomes and we are also remembering to educate the whole child.


Please join us this year as we continue to create a culture in our district that is respectful and caring, while holding students to high academic expectation. We value your partnership, we welcome your communication and we thank you for being a part of your child’s edu

cational team.


I hope your family is excited about the first day of school, I sure am! Have a great year!                                                                                                                                                                             

Karen Douglass



Stevenson-Carson School District #303


Greetings Stevenson-Carson School District Community,

Our school district has vision, specifically:

Students will thrive in an environment where staff, parents, and community

partner to nurture a passion for lifelong learning.

Through these relationships, students will grow academically and

experience success in school and beyond.

It is an honor for me to be your school superintendent, leading us towards this goal. Our staff is committed to provide each student an excellent education. We expect all students to do their best and to strive for high goals. We expect all staff to bring into their classrooms best practices, to create lessons that are engaging and to create a warm, welcoming learning environment. We are committed to growing professionally and to grow new partnerships this year. Stevenson-Carson School District desires to not only be vital in the lives of our students, but also in the community at large. We appreciate the strong partnerships created with businesses and agencies and wish for new collaborations this year. When the school and the community walk in unity – the school flourishes and so does the community. We invite you to join us on our journey to educate and nurture children into positive, contributing members of our society.

                                                                                   Looking forward to conversations,
                                                                                   Karen Douglass


SHS Student, Leah Mobley attends YMCA Youth Conference on National Affairs

Each year teens from around the United States are selected to participate in the YMCA Youth Conference on National Affairs or CONA. CONA is part of the National YMCA Youth and Government Program. As a participant in the Washington State YMCA Youth and Government Program, Stevenson High School is afforded the unique position of providing the teens participating in Youth and Government the opportunity to apply for acceptance into CONA.

Unlike traditional Youth and Government programs where youth simply sign up, youth seeking to participate in CONA must apply and be accepted. This year, Leah Mobley, a senior at Stevenson High School was selected to participate. “I applied for it at the end of 2015 and got an interview in January and heard back about my acceptance into the program shortly after that,” she said.Opening ceremonies for this year’s CONA program were held at the beginning of July in Black Mountain, North Carolina. For Mobley, the opportunity to participate in the program was life changing. “CONA was a life changing experience filled with personal growth, learning experience, and so many brilliant ideas from fellow delegates,” she said.

According to Mobley, the conference is six days long and the participants are organized into 30 committees. In the first committee participants present their proposals. Proposals are different from traditional Youth and Government bills in that they must describe a problem and suggest a solution. The focus must also be on a topic of national or international significance. State issues will not be accepted. “Only 30% of the proposals made it out of the first committee and after the third committee only about 2% of the proposals made it the final round of debate,” said Mobley.

Mobley began participating in Youth and Government her freshman year. “As a participant of CONA and the youth legislature I have learned so much about the way our government works, and the programs have contributed to me becoming an educated citizen,” she said.Mobley places a significant amount of emphasis on how her time at Stevenson High School has prepared her for the future. “I feel that my time in the Stevenson-Carson school district sculpted me into the person I am today. Many students aren't aware of all the opportunities that our school provides or tried to provide,” she said. “In most of my activities I have held leadership positions, and that has provided so many opportunities to go to camps, conferences, and meet people from around this state, and all over the country. Overall that helped me decide what I want to do in the future, and aided me

to connecting with people I would have never met, and taught me things I would have never learned.”

As a 2016 graduate of Stevenson High School, she is planning to attend Central Washington University where she will major in Business Marketing and Political Science with an emphasis in Administration and Policy. “After that I want to travel before I attend law school. My ultimate goal is to run for congress,” she said.

Even though many individuals at the district helped shape her educational experience, Mobley feels especially thankful to her advisor Carolyn Clark-Bennett. “She has helped me and put up with me through all my time in Youth and Government and some of my other activities. I would not be as successful as I am today without her constant love and support these past four years,” said Mobley.

It is clear that the opportunities provided to Mobley during her time at Stevenson High School have helped to prepare her for the path she has planned. “There is no doubt that my involvement in these programs has guided me to becoming an informed and educated citizen,” she said.

Written by: Rachel Bryan

Summer Meals for Kids & Teens

Stevenson-Carson Preschool Seeks Students for 2016-17 School Year

We need preschoolers! The Stevenson-Carson Special Education Preschool Program is looking for typically developing preschoolers between 3 and 4 years of age. The program needs children without any disabilities to serve as role models in our special needs classes. Classes run Monday – Thursday, AM session for 3 and 4 years olds 9:30 to 11:30, and PM 4 and 5 year olds 12:30 to 3:30. Tuition for the program is at a significantly reduced rate: Morning session is $60/month and afternoon session $90/month. We will be conducting a screening on June 10th at Wind River Education Center in Carson to find potential candidates. Please call Kara Bolles at 509-427-5641 to make an appointment.

SCSD Hires Joe Randall as WRMS and SHS Co-Principal

After a full day of interviews with staff, students, administrators, and the community, Joe 

Randall was offered the position of co-principal of WRMS and SHS.

Randall, along with two other candidates, spent Monday morning rotating between a student interview panel, student lead tour of campus, and time with a few key players from the secondary schools.

“He was very interested in the school during the tour and wanted to hear what Emma and I were involved in and what we thought,” said SHS junior Nick Heuker. “I think he is going to be a good fit with Ms. Marino.”

Randall brings a variety of experiences with him to the District, including classroom experience at the middle school, high school, and university level. He also started and ran the math and science tutoring center at the WSU Vancouver campus for six years. He has been an administrative intern at Coweeman Middle School in Kelso and will be completing the WSU administration program this spring.

“I really liked him a lot and I was kind of hoping for him. They all would have done a great job, but there was something about him,” said 8th grader Emma Penner. “I think he’ll bring new experiences and new ideas that will help make the school better.”

During his time as the dean of students at Kelso High School and Coweeman Middle School, Randall has experienced the positive outcomes of the PBIS system, and has developed relationships with students, staff, and parents to create an environment and culture that helps students learn and grow.

SCSD Seeks Secondary Co-Principal

Superintendent Karen Douglass is hoping to start the 2016-17 school year off with fresh faces and new direction for the Wind River Middle School and Stevenson High School.

After learning that Brian Morris would be leaving, Douglass began the process of assessing the administrative needs of the District.

“Whenever there is an opening in the District it’s an opportunity to check our systems and make sure we have the best systems and people in place to create an environment that students and staff will thrive in,” said Douglass.

“When Brian told me he was going to accept the offer to be the Assistant Principal at CHS I was happy for him, but knew that it was going to be a challenge to fill his shoes. He has been an integral part of the transition of WRMS from Carson to Stevenson,” added Douglass.

After assessing the needs of the two schools, meeting with staff members, speaking with the Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP), and discussion options with the current administration Douglass has decided to pursue a co-principal model for WRMS and SHS.

“When we merged the two schools we recognized that the middle school has a unique culture and climate and we want to keep that alive,” said Douglass.

The job posting describes the positions as such: “The Co-Principal position would serve Wind River Middle School and Stevenson High School in our 7-12 secondary building, with an emphasis on middle school. The successful candidate will be a dynamic leader who will collaborate with existing administration to continue to develop a vision of excellent education within a positive culture in our secondary schools.”

SHS Principal Sarah Marino is looking forward to the partnership.

“I think the idea of co-principal could be one of the best things for WRMS and SHS, and us as a building. I think it will help bring staff together and give the two principals the opportunity to develop relationships and work directly with all the students. It will also continue to give both schools their own identity, but help build a sense of community and a positive environment,” said Sarah Marino.

"I have had several conversations that included Gary Kipp (Executive Director of AWSP) as well as current and former superintendents and co-principal members. We are encouraged by the feedback we've received," added Douglass.

In an email to Douglass, Gary Kipp congratulated her on “thinking outside the norm, because sometimes that’s where we find nuggets of success.” He also offered her his support as the District moves forward.

“We will be working with AWSP moving forward to develop a long term partnership between our co-principals that utilizes their strengths and areas of expertise,” said Douglass.

“I’m looking to the future with this partnership,” continued Douglass. “It’s my hope that we will find someone who will be committed to our community and our students. The culture of WRMS and SHS has attracted dedicated staff and administrators for years and I believe the combination of the unique attributes of the two schools will attract great applicants.”

CGS Student, Sawyer Schroeder attends Youth Leadership Summit


Columbia Gorge School student, Sawyer Schroeder recently attended Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler’s First Youth Leadership Summit at WSU Vancouver on April 11. Over one hundred high school students from all over Southwest Washington attended the summit.

The students attending the summit were identified by school faculty as having strong leadership potential. The goal of the event was to help them maximize that potential by introducing them to leaders from all walks of life and giving students the chance to hear their wisdom and inspiring stories. Our guest speakers were Ernie Kent, Head Coach of WSU Men's Basketball; Mason Walker, President of Audigy Group; and Kristi Kingma, former UW Women's Basketball star. The speakers shared stories about their own paths to success, and left the students with words of advice.

Students also participated in Q&A sessions with two panels made up of local leaders. The “Life After High School” panel featured Steve Valenta of The Mighty Bowl food trucks, Sgt. Alex Schoening of the Clark County Sheriff's Office, Melia Stewart of Clark College, Max Ault of the CREDC, and Sean McClain of AbSci.

The “Impacting Global Community” panel included Lisa Scott Gilliam of Shared Hope International, Bola Majekobaje of WSU Vancouver, Dr. Jonathan Purnell of the Bob and Charlee More Institute for Nutrition and Wellness, and Sam and Sharnessa Sanden from the ONE Campaign.

Forest Youth Success Applications Available

Applications for the 2016 Forest Youth Success summer program are available today! Students can pickup the application packet in the WRMS / SHS office, the Columbia Gorge School, and online. Applications are due April 22nd!

Please encourage your student or students you know to apply for this amazing summer employment opportunity. Participants will learn valuable employment skills, complete projects they can be proud of, help improve Skamania County, work alongside land and resource management professionals, develop interpersonal skills, play games, have fun, and earn high school credit.

If you have any questions you can contact the FYS program director at 360-772-6370 or

Application Packets:



Employment Opportunities


Bus Mechanic

Building, Grounds & Maintenance Supervisor

Middle/High School Counselor

Life Guard

Substitute Teachers

Substitute Bus Drivers

Substitute Para Educators

Substitute Office Staff

Substitute Bus Mechanic

Substitute Kitchen Staff


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