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Your Transportation Department has dedicated itself to making sure that Stevenson Carson Students are transported to school, home and away in the safest mode possible. We start with the foundation by making sure the fleet we use is at or beyond state standard, by continually improving inspections and processes, and striving to achieve and maintain high standards. We continuously are acknowledged by Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Washington State Patrol for outstanding results of our state inspections.

With that foundation started we move on to the staff starting with our dispatcher/router/secretary Gretchen Emmons Kelly to make sure that all children are delivered safely to their assigned destinations, she is available to answer questions and urgent situations for parents/staff and students. She attends trainings throughout the year to improve on her skills.

Next we have our wonderful Driving Team which combined have over 115 years of driving experience. They all have the safety of the students at the forethought every day. They participate at building their skills at monthly skill enhancement trainings and they take on extra workshops throughout the year to improve on communication skills and positive behavior reinforcement skills.

DRIVERS                                                                      SUBSTITUTE DRIVERS

Jole Wolk—Corn route Bus # 13                                  Colleen Garwood

Barbie Zerkel—Cucumber route Bus # 4                     Tim Latimer

Dennis Trabue—Potato route Bus # 7                          Rawleigh Bliss

Robin Douglass—Carrot route Bus # 2                        Andreas Ehrlich  

Melissa Norris—Eggplant route Bus # 9                   

Willie Strickland—Pepper route Bus # 6                     

Wanda PalodichukBlue Bus #14

Penny DeBriaePink Bus #15

Kevin Loucks


Last but not least we have YOU as safety partners for building the safest transportation department in the state.

By teaching your children the safety rules of riding the school bus, you make each ride safer for all students. You can pick up a copy of the bus rules at one of the schools or call Sandy Karppinen, Director of Transportation at 427-5277 and a copy will be sent to you.

Transportation Mission Statement

Children are our #1 priority; we want a safe environment for them and for us at all times. We, as a team, want to work in a balanced environment with suggestions to be taken as consideration with harmony and appreciation. We are learning trust which comes with earning it from one another as well as having fun with each other and our students through the entire year!



Transportation FAQs

Q: On a field trip, can parents bring their under school age children on the bus?

A: No, a child under school age cannot be transported on a regular bus.

Q: Why don’t school buses have seat belts?

A: There is occupant protection through a concept called “compartmentalization,” which is strong, padded, anchored high back evenly spaced seats.  School buses are one of the safest forms of transportation.

Q: Can students eat on the bus?

A: No, it is not allowed because a student may choke on a piece of food and the driver would be unaware.

Q: Can students bring animals on the bus?

A: No. We cannot transport any live animals. (no matter how cute)