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Special Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

What programs are provided?
Title 1/Learning Assistance Program (LAP)
Special Education Services
Bilingual Education Program
Highly Capable Program

Who is eligible for each program and what support does each program give to students
Special Education - specially designed instruction and related services are given to students with disabilities who are ages 3-21.
· Title 1/LAP - supplemental instruction is given to students in grades K-12 who need help with reading, written language and math.
· Bilingual Education - language instruction is given to students who are learning English as a second language in grades K-12.
· Highly Capable Program - Enrichment activities are given to students in grades 3-8 who are highly capable.

Where are the programs provided?
Special programs are usually provided in inclusive settings within each school of the district.

Who provides the programs?
Trained and experienced staff members provide the programs. They include:
· Special education teachers
· Speech language pathologists (SLP)
· School psychologist
· Occupational therapist
· Physical therapist, and
· Para educators

Who can be contacted for more information?
If you have concerns about a student and need assistance, please contact the school principal. Each school strives to help staff develop strategies so a student can be successful. Partnerships between staff and parents are encouraged.