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Board of Directors

SCSD School Board

The Board’s job is to determine a vision for the educational program; design a structure to achieve that vision; assure that the schools are accountable to the community; and advocate for continuous improvement in student learning.  While many have had a hand in shaping our school system, the Stevenson-Carson Board of Directors ultimately answers to the community and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction on issues related to local programs. 

The five member board sets the policies that guide Stevenson-Carson’s public education from pre-school through grade twelve.  All voters within the school district elect the Directors, and they serve a four-year term without pay.  Each Director resides in and represents one of the five director districts.

The Board selects a superintendent to administer the adopted policies.  The Board, however, is the final authority on all matters concerning the district.  (RCW 28A.320.015)


Sandy Vigil
District 1
Callae Hansen
District 2
Vice Chair
Dan Mitchell
District 3
Board Chair
Angie Hollis
District 4
Brad Liedtke
District 5


Board Responsibilities